Natural Childbirth in the Hospital: The space of the couple is about LOVE.
Posted by Kyndal - Peek Inside Class

Hospital Birth LOVE – Medium from Kyndal May on Vimeo.

One of the themes of Confident Birthing Childbirth Classes is the space of the couple and the role of love hormones. This beautiful natural birth was captured in Boise at St. Luke’s Hospital and is shared with the generous blessing of this couple who took the class. The photos are in chronological order allowing us to see the many times she dressed and changed clothes as needed as she followed her body to change positions and move throughout the spaceā€¦both the private space of the room and the open space of the hallways as needed. It also shows how a laboring woman’s temperature fluctuates and she goes from hot to cold and back again. It shows how much love can flow between a couple when they are given space and how when she feels safe, respected and loved, a mama knows what to do to give birth.
Finally, those of us supporting them, care providers, nurses and doulas share their joy.

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