Throughout this whole event, she was amazing
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Throughout this whole event, she was amazing when it came to reassuring us about what was happening. Her wisdom and the peace that surrounds her gave me strength. During the entire 37 hours of labor we were taken care of. While we were still laboring at home Kyndal was attending another birth and sent over to us her “backup” doula Sheila Taylor, we had never met Sheila but from the moment she walked into our home I felt peace. Sheila was a great asset to our labor team. She was attentive, knowledgable and seamlessly meshed with the rhythm and routine my husband and I were in. After arriving at the Birth Center Kyndal was able to join us once again and even when at times things seemed a little hairy she was calm and very present. She really helped me to feel strong, confident and at ease with what my body and baby were doing.

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